Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review: Seaside Letters

Thanks to the Thomas Nelson Book Blogger Review Program for a funny, sweet and serious romance, Seaside Letters The hero, Tucker, meets the heroine, Sabrina but she won't let anyone get close to her emotionally as she has just been dumped by her fiancee in favor of the cousin with whom she grew up. He suggests she post something to an internet message board, and when she does, he emails her using a screen name. She responds, not knowing it is him, using a screen name. He knows it is her; she doesn't know it is him until he sends a photo. She is falling in love with him, but doesn't want him to know it is her--but she doesn't want to give up the relationship either. She emails him a photo of another cousin. Then he hires her to help him find this woman with whom he is in love. Next, the cousin whose photo she sent him shows up.

In some ways the book is a comedy; it is funny watching Sabrina try to figure out how to hold on to Tucker without letting him know who she is, while we know he already knows.

The author explains at the end of the book that in her romances she tries to show the love of Christ through the love of her characters. In this book Tucker pursues Sabrina even though he knows her faults; he loves her more than she loves herself.

The book is Christian fiction, though for most of the book you wouldn't know it--except that it is a clean romance. I enjoyed it and think that most people who enjoy clean romances will like this one.

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