Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From My Reader

Since I have over 400 posts in my reader, I guess now is a good time for a "From My Reader" post. Let's see what's here:
Resource Shelf tells us that Life Magazine Archives are now online.
Frugal Shopping with Julie tells you how to get a year's subscription to Taste of Home for only $4.00.
Other than EWTN, I didn't know there was Catholic TV, but Catholic Mom tells us about a fundraiser for a Catholic TV network
Make Use Of tells us how to search famous museums. They also have a feature about on-line university lectures.
Rich Leonardi has a discussion about Catholic healthcare.
Books & Blogs shares a passage from a book that teaches us to look beyond today, into the future of our family.
Looks like Melody has a new look, and she reviewed a book I'd add to my wishlist except that my TBR stack is already way too big.
Lori at Some of My Favorite Books gave me an award! Thank you!
More cookbooks are about the last thing I need, but this one is full of cookies!
I need to exercise more; I need to pray more. This tells how to combine them. There is also a contest where you can win a copy of the book.
Once a Month cooking can save a lot of time and money, and here a working mom tells how she uses it.

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