Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Blue Star: My Review

This is an easy-to-read story of a teen romance told from the boy's point-of-view. Jim Glass is a high school senior in Aliceville North Carolina in 1941. At the brink of manhood, he lives in a land at the brink of, but not yet in, WWII. He falls in love with a girl claimed by a high school nemesis, the son of a rich man, and now in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor. It is also the story of a WWI era romance between Jim's uncle and the girl's mother. If a well-written romance sounds appealing to you, enter my giveaway, and try this one.

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  1. This is one book I really want to read. I've tried to win it, but no luck so far. I'll try the library LOL


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