Sunday, August 02, 2009

From My Reader

Like most blog writers, I'm also a blog reader. You can see some of the blogs I read regularly on my sidebar. I keep an eye on them as I check my own blog and click through when I notice something new or interesting. However there are a large number of blogs to which I subscribe in my Google reader. These get a quick skim periodically, and I click through to posts that catch my eye. I thought I'd start a semi-regular feature here where I give you links to things I found interesting while going through my Google Reader. Here is the first edition:

Ms. Bookish list of book giveaways

Book Line and Sinker discusses Book Review Calendars; something I need to create and look at before requesting more review copies.
Elena's picture of her daughter is adoreable.
Catholic Audio has Catholic podcasts galore. This post list free Catholic MP3s available through Amazon.

Time to get ready for mass. Let me know what you think. I'll have to try this again some time.

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  1. I keep a spreadsheet of requested books. I also put a sticky note on each one with date I want to review adn company it came from. I also save the emails in an email folder so I have a reference for promo material


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