Wednesday, August 05, 2009

From My Reader

Yup, I'm back to plowing through all those posts on my Google Reader, so I thought I'd share some of the 1000 (yes, like in one thousand)+ unread posts with you.

I started off reading which is newly added to my list. They run a "Cool Websites and Tools" feature regularly and I'd like to re-share some they list:

As would be expected for a book blogger who reads book blogs, I found some books I want to read:

Since my poor five year old doesn't have enough books, I'm going to try to win her some more. Brimful Curiosities has a list of contests.

Finally, since chocolate is always a good Publish Postthink, I'll send you over to Frugal Creativity for her link to Hershey Chocolate.

Now I'm down to 598 unread posts....but I've read some of them live--like your blog.

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