Monday, August 17, 2009

From My Reader

Today I have an eclectic group of links for you: recommended Criticker, a movie recommendation site.
To prepare your kids (or yourself) for mass next week, Catholic Mom has series of coloring pages and worksheets.
I've heard there are people who are looking for something to read. While I can't relate, given my large TBR stacks, if you are one of them, MakeUseOf has a post about sites that recommend books.
I emailed my son this site about Tips for Gamers.
Afraid to turn your kids loose on YouTube, but want to let them watch videos online? Check out this Research Buzz article on a video site for kids.
I don't mind paying more to get more, but I hate paying more than I have to for a particular item. If you want to know the cheapest place to download a song, try this site.
I'm not a movie watcher, but if you are, you may like this site where you can search for movies you can watch online.

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