Friday, August 21, 2009

Book Review: Bon Appetit

This Christian Chick-lit novel is about what you'd expect from the genre--a quick sweet read, with a splash of romance and some religion thrown in. Lexi is from Seattle and works for a French family-owned bakery. They send her to France for a year to study at a famous culinary school, and to work in their bakery there. She leaves behind Dan, an attorney to whom she is beginning to become attached. While in France she becomes close to Phillipe, one of the owning family, and his young daughter. The resolution of that particular part of the plot has to wait until the next book in the series. We follow Lexi through her year of school and learn a little about French baking. The book even includes a few recipes. Besides French cooking, she learns about France and the French. She makes friends and tries to be a good Christian witness to these French folks who, though nominally Catholic, don't really practice any religion. She works her way through John's Gospel in the book and we read a few of her reflections on it, so I'd say that if religion in a book turns you off, there is probably enough of it here to do that.

First Wildcard will be touring the next book in the series, Piece de Resistance, October 5. I'll post the first chapter and author bio then, but will probably get a review of it up this weekend.

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