Monday, August 24, 2009

My Review: Aurora of the Northern Lights

From Amazon: A Christmas Rhyme Filled with Magic—and St. Nick, Too!
“Aurora of the Northern Lights could become for a new generation what The Night Before Christmas has been before it: a seasonal classic.” - Greg Elliot, author

Named for the Northern Lights, Aurora faces a woeful plight. To many lands she must roam, searching for her true home. Come along as author Holly Hardin conjures a mystical world of adventure, sprites, and magical charms. After losing her parents, little Aurora sets off on her own. Because she’s different, Aurora finds it difficult to find anyone who will listen to her story, even at Christmas time. As her story continues, Aurora receives special gifts to keep her safe and important clues to find her new home.

Follow the journey as Aurora encounters a host of creatures along the way—including one very famous bearded man. What follows in this beautifully illustrated and delightfully written book is a heartwarming story of a home lost and found—and a Christmas lesson for us all.

What I Liked:
  • Aurora of the Northern Lights is written in iambic pentameter, which makes it lots of fun to read aloud.
  • The illustrations were colorful and well done.
  • It has a happy ending.
What I Don't Like:
  • The book has a general "New Age" feel to it. It starts with a romance between Mistletoe and William. They marry on the solstice. They name their baby Aurora. After her parents die, a witch gives her a crystal charm.
  • A young girl is left alone when her parents die, and no one will take her in. All complain that she is different and should go to her own kind
  • When she gets to the North Pole she meets Santa and his elves, one of whom is her grandmother. Why didn't her grandmother know where she was, and why didn't her grandmother go and get her?

I'd like to thank the author, Holly Hardin, for sending me a review copy of this book. I offered it to my five year old before I read it, but after looking at the cover, she said she didn't want it.

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  1. I love Christmas stories! This sounds like a beautiful Christmas book! I would love to read this one to my grandchildren! I don't think that we have enough new Christmastime storybooks so I am glad to learn about this one.

    Thank you for a great review!



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