Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Review: Indigo Awakening

I have a son who is a square peg who I'm trying to fit into the world's round holes. When I was offered this book through Pump Up Your Book Promotions, I thought it might give me some insight into what being that square peg was like, and to that extent I was not disappointed. This is the memoir of a girl a year younger than me. While I took to reading like a duck to water, she did not. As smart as she was, as much as she wanted to learn, dyslexia prevented her from learning to read until she was much older than normal. However, she was a talented artist. Basically she thinks in pictures and in three dimensions. The book takes us through the predicable course of mean teachers, followed by the one who made a huge difference in her life. She ends up as an osteopathic physician.

Janine Talty, the author, considers herself, and others like her to be "Indigos". They see auras around some people, they have kind of an ESP and she postulates that they are descended from people from other planets. She spoke of Catholicism saying "Listening to sermons in church, I was appalled. They were all about giving up free will and living in fear of an paying penance to a God created by people who wrote a book called the Bible. I found this confusing. From my old memories, I knew I was a part of what is called God.". She speaks of the power of the Universe and calls herself a "Warrior Wizard". Let's just say that her beliefs about the reality beyond our here and now are not the same as mine, or those of most people.

Indigo Awakening was a quick easy read, even if it was more than a little on the strange side.

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