Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cookie: A Book Review

Many a mother has told her child "If you don't stop eating ________, you are going to turn into a _______." Of course we don't mean it, do we? Cookie (also known as Catherine Isabella Marie Jenkins) only ate cookies; nothing else. One day she did turn into a cookie; a condition that was cured by eating spaghetti, broccoli and fish.

The book is twenty pages long and most of each page is taken by the illustration. The picture on the cover is pretty representative of the style.
My five year old and I read this book together. She enjoyed it and was able to tell from the pictures what was happening, even before I read the story. The amount of text on each page is about appropriate for her age group as is the language used. I have a feeling we are going to read Cookie on a regular basis for a while.

Cookie was written and illustrated by Lisa Woomer, the mom of a picky eater. Check out her webpage. I'd like to thank Lisa for sending me this book, via Bostick.

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