Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catholic Company Book Review: Fire of God's Love 120 Reflections on the Eucharist

I'd like to thank the Catholic Company for allowing me to review Fire of God's Love: 120 Reflections on the Eucharist by Mike Aquilina. The book has gone with me to Adoration the last couple of weeks. As the name indicates, it includes 120 short reflections on the mass and/or the Eucharist. Since these reflections were not written for this book by one author, but rather, were written by a variety of saints, Popes, and writers I think it is likely that everyone can find something that appeals to him or her. Those quoted include Maria Montessori, Scott Hahn, Pope Benedict XIV, St. John Chrysostom, Cardinal Avery Dulles and more. The book includes a bibliography so that you can read the source material, if desired. The quotes encourage and challenge, comfort and urge you forward. I'd like to leave you with one:
  • Lose Yourself
    He who comes to Communion loses himself in God, as a drop of water in the ocean. They can be no more separated.
    ---Saint John Vianney

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  1. That sounds great! I am putting it on my list of books to get!


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