Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Review of Davey Bighead

Yesterday, from the author, Peter Hayden, via Bostick, my five year old received Davey Bighead, a charming story designed to show that our differences can be our strengths. Davey, as you may surmise by the title, has a big head, a way out of proportion head. His head is so big that it gets stuck when he tries to board the school bus and when he plays on the monkey bars. The kids tease him about his head, and he is always the first one out in dodge ball and the first one found in hide-and-seek. Davey is distraught until, when thinking about the dodge ball game, he realizes that soccer may be his game. The coach lets him play as the goalie, and sure enough, no balls get past that big head and his team wins.

My daughter enjoyed the book but keeps asking me why Davey's head is so big. I said that's the way God made him, just like God made her with brown eyes and curly hair.

You may want to peruse the author's website. It includes activity sheets and the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter.

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