Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Hi, and welcome to another edition of Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of bloggers who gather once each week to share out best posts. We are all Catholic and blog at least somewhat about Catholic things; some do so exclusively, others only periodically. All are welcome to participate here. To join in the fun, go to your blog and create a post titled Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. In that post describe and link to any posts you want to share with the rest of us. Also put in a link to this post. Then come back here, and sign Mr. Linky and give us a link to your post. Finally, go visit other people's posts, and leave comments! Some folks who don't post often have asked if they could, rather than creating a special "Sunday Snippets" post, just link their original post to Mr. Linky. That's ok, if your original post includes a link back here; since the idea is to share our posts and readers with each other. Encourage your readers to join us too.
If you are joining us for the first time, welcome. If you want a weekly reminder to post, please join our yahoo group. You'll only get one email per week.

This week I'd like to call your attention to two of my posts. I reviewed a great book for Eucharistic Adoration, and I'd like to thank the Catholic Company for sending it to me. Speaking of The Catholic Company, they have a website: As the name implies, it is about the Rosary. It not only allows you to purchase all sorts of rosaries as well as books, gifts, audio recordings it also includes articles about the rosary, some of which are written by Sarah, a frequent contributor to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. The URL had been owned by a porn outfit but they let it expire and the Catholic Company bought it. Let's support them in this endeavor.

The other post I'd like to call to your attention is a review/reflection on a book written by an Evangelical about kids leaving the church. I guess some problems are the same on both sides of the street.

I've reviewed a few novels this week, and invite you to look around now that you are here. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  1. Thanks for hosting and for those links you contributed including the info on Also, I like the header on your blog!

  2. God bless you and thanks for hosting! Love the new look!

  3. Thanks for hosting and please keep us in your prayers as we begin out new homeschool year on Monday.

  4. Thanks for hosting again! My little article as ussual on my blog.

  5. Hi RAnn, thanks and great header picture on your blog. The columns look better than when you had the library picture--less clutter. The white background, though it may seem plain, allows for easier reading. I like your look!

  6. thanks for the link rann, i appreciate it. i viewed your blog and it looks nice.

  7. Re: Already Gone. This coincides with sermons we have received from two sides of the traditional fence the last couple weeks- we cannot merely be Sunday Catholics. If we don't live the Faith at home in a hon-hypocritical way, then our children will not keep the Faith. We realize this problem and are ever trying to search for the balance of living in the world but not being of it. More prayer is necessary. We need to get down on our knees more and put our families in Christ's hands, realizing that if our children are saved, it will be Christ's victory and not ours. I've been feeling more and more called to make the Total Consecration to Mary. I am afraid of doing so, but at the same time I know that no one could know what is better for me and mine than our Lady herself. I am coming to believe that the salvation of my children is dependent on it. Thanks for hosting the carnival!

  8. Wow, your blog is ready for fall! I can't take down my summer wreath at home because there is a baby bird growing up in it!

  9. I saw your comment on my blog, The Mystical Rose. This sounds very interesting to me. Can I use posts from my other blogs? I do most of my work on The Beautiful Gate. I am a new blogger and am not quite sure how this works.I did check out some of the Sunday Snippets. What a great idea!

  10. Thanks RAnn for another great hosting job.

    This week on Sunday Snippets, WBN presents: No kidding.

    A bishop, a priest, and a father walk into a bar. "Don't I know you from somewhere?", says the bartender ...

  11. Thanks for hosting RAnn.

    I have a post this week about wanting less and managing money.

  12. RAnn,

    Thanks for the invitation to participate in the Catholic Carnival.

    Lucille and I are just getting back into blogging and updating our site.

    So, our posts may be a bit too irregular to start off with any kind of weekly commitment.

    Thanks again.


    John Everett

  13. Rann,
    I posted my name and link for tomorrow's Sunday Snippet; my name went through but my URL link did not for some reason. I don't know how to fix this. I pasted it in so I don't know why it is not showing up. Help? Please?

    Many thanks for hosting Sunday Snippets.


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